About Us

We have owned and operated Primary@Pioneers Park since October 2012 and it continues to be a pleasure working each day in such a wonderful setting in Pioneers Park. We are very involved in the day to day running of our business and genuinely strive to make it a happy, positive workplace for our staff and a warm and welcoming venue for our customers. We take great pride in operating with honesty and integrity and hopefully this is evident to all that deal with us.
Most of our team of about thirty employee’s are from the local Berwick area and include a mix of mums, dads, university students and also young adults in their first job. Some are making a career of hospitality and others are working their way towards other opportunities via study, but all are equally important to the performance of our venue and we are indebted to them for their hard work and support. It is very pleasing to us to be a source of employment to so many people from the surrounding community.

Andrew and Lindy


Pioneers Park was officially opened in October 2005 on the site of the Old Berwick Primary school. This school was the third Primary School in Berwick. The first school in Berwick was established in a hut on Robert Gardiner’s run in the 1850s (south of High Street). A new school was constructed in 1861 in Peel Street, opposite St Michael’s Catholic Church. The School relocated to the Pioneer Park site in 1869.The earliest part of the existing building dates to 1876, the 1869 room being demolished for an extension in 1914. The picture (below) shows the school c.1880. The School population moved to a new building in 2003 and the Community raised funds to purchase the site. The old School building has operated as a cafe since 2006 and is also headquarters of the Casey Cardinia branch of The National Trust, one of the Heritage groups in Casey and Cardinia. They run a gift shop, staffed by volunteers, which sells many unusual and interesting gifts, plus National Trust publications. By supporting the gift shop you are supporting the work of the National Trust in their endeavours to preserve the history of the region. The gift shop is open 11.00am until 3.00pm, every day except Tuesdays. For more information on the National Trust go to their website www.nattrust.com.au

Courtesy of Casey Cardinia Library Corporation and http://caseycardinialinkstoourpast.blogspot.com.au/2007/12/national-trust-and-pioneer-park.html